We offer two types of semi-silent 5 day mindfulness and self love retreats.

One retreat is an ACC funded retreat for people on ACC Sensitive Claims and the other is a self funded retreat. Both retreats have a similar structure and focus on the loving-kindness aspect of mindfulness. Both retreats are set in retreat centers, allowing you to let go of daily concerns; allowing yourself to be nurtured, and supported as you learn to be your best friend.

Attending any of the retreats allows you to rejuvenate in a supportive environment and leave behind the stress and cares of day-to-day life while taking the time required to reflect, rest, and recuperate. You get the space and time to think about yourself, who you are to other people, and what makes you happy.

By incorporating proven psychological and mindfulness strategies, together with embodied practices you will learn to feel a deeper connection to your body heart and being. Here are some retreats we have coming up.

The self-funded retreat (Welcome Home to Yourself)

  • The self-funded retreat (Welcome Home to Yourself) has only one facilitator - Bhavna.
  • The loving kindness practice is the Welcome Home practice that was developed by Bhavna.
  • This retreat has more embodied and connection activities.
  • While still working on deeply health negative beliefs and trauma, there is a feeling of lightness and ease in this retreat.

The ACC funded retreat (Mindfulness and Self-Love)

  • The ACC funded retreat (Mindfulness and Self-Love) has two facilitators - Bhavna and Pat.
  • It requires the client's treatment provider to apply for funding from ACC to attend the retreat.
  • These retreats are more trauma focused, have more grounding practices and start with more traditional loving kindness practices before being introduced to the Welcome Home practice.


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