"When your people flourish, your business thrives.”  - Dr Georgi Toma

Forward thinking organisations are realising that the success and wellbeing of their staff and the business go hand in hand and should be central to business strategy. By investing in employee mental fitness and wellbeing you can gain a myriad of advantages.

Kiwis are increasingly reporting poor mental health wellbeing. For some it is caused by major trauma but for others it is coping with daily stresses of family life and the demands of work. A NZ Ministry of Health Survey in 2019 found that:

  • 1 in 5 adults aged 15 years and over are diagnosed with a mood and/or anxiety disorder
  • People reporting poor mental health has risen from 20% in 2020 to 36% in 2022.

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Programme

  • A better culture - As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s about being human. The way in which people communicate, connect and care for each other at every level of the business has a profound influence on how people perform.
  • Higher levels of commitment and engagement which leads to lower staff turnover, absenteeism, ability to attract staff in a tight labour market, and improved productivity.
  • Lower levels of stress and higher resilience with employees who work better together, stay calm and can rapidly adapt to shifting circumstances with an open mind, better decision making and improved creative thinking.

Here’s what one client had to say

"Bhavna has worked with my leadership team and I on mental fitness and wellbeing over the last 18 months. As a team I think we have become more real and human in our interactions with each other and our teams. As individuals and leaders, there is no doubt that it has helped us with resilience and being stronger leaders of our teams." - Hamish White, Founder, Director & CEO, NOW New Zealand Limited

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Our minds are our most valuable asset and developing or training of the mind through the use of mindfulness techniques brings great rewards.

Mindfulness can be defined as “mind training”. Think of it as workout for the mind which improves mental fitness, just like working out at the gym improves physical fitness.

If you are mentally fit, you have the skills and practices to improve and sustain your own state of well-being and perform at your best. You can lean into challenges and feel able to navigate change and stress, no matter what day-to-day life presents. Mental fitness enables you to reconnect with what it is that you love in your work and your life.

Bhavna’s Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Programme for Workplaces, combines mindfulness and psychological tools that are designed to improve teams’ mental fitness leadin g to higher performance and a better workplace culture.



Initial Discovery Meeting

A no obligation meeting to understand your needs and tailor a programme that fits your organisation and people. There is an option to choose one-on-one training for senior leaders, or team workshops for key staff, or a mix of both.

Team Mindfulness Workshops

These sessions are for groups of up to 10 people. The programme consists of 5 group sessions (1.5 hours long) at your place of work.

Using psychological insights, your team will become aware of the causes of their distress. Using both psychological and mindfulness strategies, they will develop tools to reduce distress and enhance mental flexibility, concentration and overall performance.

This will enable your business and team to thrive in any situation.

  • Increased self-awareness into their drives and motivation
  • Increased sense of wellbeing, happiness and contentment with work and life
  • Increased ability to be present - therefore fully engaged in a task or project
  • Understand the nature of the mind, distress and the effects of trauma on their mind, body and lives
  • Improved self-care tools to prevent burnout, and
  • A suite of tools to feel fully alive and engaged

What do the sessions entail 

Session 1 

Looking at the causes and effects of stress on the mind and body. Then giving participants practical, simple tools to decrease the causes and effects. 

Session 2

Understanding the nature of the mind and how that keeps us in distress - and ways to train the mind to be calmer and less reactive

Session 3 

Understanding the nature of the heart -  how desires, striving, constantly running keep us in distress. How our inner thoughts create distress and ways to connect with your heart.

Session 4

Bringing the mind and heart together - understanding and feeling connected to all of youself. Focusing on growing and sharing peace and calmness with others to change the work environment

Session 5

Focusing on abundance and connection.



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Other Corporate Services


Individual Leadership Professional Supervision

Cross-discipline supervision is common, and supervision is beneficial to most professionals. Bhavna's approach to supervision is wholistic in nature. She sees it as the "how you do what you do" rather than what you do. Supervision looks at your relationship with yourself, your role at work and how you engage at work. The aim is to support you to feel that you are giving your best and receiving all that you can from your working life, without losing your personal life and identity.

Although the primary focus is on work, at times, it is essential to focus on elements of the persons personal life, as that can affect their ability to perform or focus on work.

SESSIONS 45 - 55 minutes
INVESTMENT: $210 + GST per session


On Going Mindfulness Support Subscription

Mindfulness takes practice to reap the rewards which is why we also offer an ongoing mindfulness support programme via a monthly subscription for those who have had exposure to mindfulness through the workshop programme.

MONTHLY 1.5 HOUR ZOOM SESSION – Where we discuss how people are, what’s coming up, followed by a guided mindfulness practice that is targeted to the group discussion.

MEMBERSHIP OF FEEL ALIVE! MESSENGER/FACEBOOK GROUP – Where I post mindfulness tips and people can share ideas/support each other.


If you are interested in helping yourself or you team, get mentally fit so everyone thrives then GET IN TOUCH.

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